Pachmarhi Review – Satpura ki Rani

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We all make that one legit plan to visit GOA with our college group. We were not exceptions. But it is often joked upon that GOA trips are just planned and don’t get implemented. I believe the Joke is not out of nowhere. And after planning to go to Goa, we landed up in Pachmarhi with my college group.

Pachmarhi also known as Satpura ki Rani, located in the central Indian state of Madhya Pradesh. As we were at Indore, it was convenient for us to plan and implement it. It was a 3 days and 2-night trip. Soon after our end terms, we packed our bags and boarded the bus for Pachmarhi. It was the most feasible medium to reach the Panchmarhi. With the highs and lows of curvy ghats and not a Volvo bus we had a rollercoaster ride to Pachmarhi.

Pachmarhi welcomed us with morning showers and we all got drenched up. We managed to reach the hotel to find that the adventure had already begun. Soon after reaching the hotel we got ready and marked all the places which we wanted to cover on the first day. We booked the jeep for the entire day and visited places like Handi Khoh, Chhota Mahadev, Bada Mahadev, Jatashankar mandi and Priyadarshini point.

It was the month of August, there were slight showers the whole day which kept the weather extremely pleasing. We had the traditional malwa food and delicious dal baati for lunch. The weather complimented it perfectly. We came back to the hotel, did bonfire at night, chilled around, played games and shared stories. Everything wasso perfect.

For the next day, we visited silver fall, bee fall and Pandav caves. It was like a trek walking through the forest reaching different locations enjoying the small things nature had to offer and at the same time having a hell lot of fun. We hardly slept on the whole trip.

If anyone asks me which is the best memory about the trip, I can’t choose one. The best part which I felt about Pachmarhi was that there are a lot of network issues. Yeah, Thanks to network issues we all friends had spent a good amount of quality time with each other away from social media and phones. It was a wonderful getaway amidst the mountains, valleys and lush greens all around and most importantly away from the hectic schedule. It felt like a rejuvenating break which we all badly needed. Pachmarhi has been one trip which I can never forget in my entire life. Whenever we talk about this trip we all go into the memory lane smiling and laughing our hearts out.

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