WeekendFeels Mission

Weekends are the shortest period in the entire week. It is how we perceive time, in other words, psychological time. We do not so much perceive time itself, but changes in or the passage of time, or what might be described as "events in time".

At WeekendFeels, we are committed to creating "events in time". Create a short weekend escape experience so smooth that one wants to relive those moments again and again. Thus making weekends the longest period in the entire week.

WeekendFeels was born With the vision to create interesting stories in our customer's lives. Being transparent with our offering combined with the customer-centric approach helped us to set the expectation beforehand of our travelers.

We put all the check and balances to ensure that our customers are safe and secure at the same time they are having a great time while they are with us.

We take pride in empowering our partners who took the responsibility of fulfilling our vision The local entrepreneurs enabled with the correct set of information helped us to create a tailor-made experience for our travelers.

Official Company Details:

Registration Number: AAS-6152
GST Number: 07AADFW4817G1Z4
TAN Number: DELW07202G
Trademark Number ™: 5253816