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Need a break? Let’s go for an outing. No need to search many spots. Tiger point near Lonavala is the best place to relax. Winds that whirl, gushing monsoon waterfalls, and a stunning valley are the essence of what Tiger Point is all about. At 12 kilometers away from Lonavala Railway Station, along with 12 kilometers far from Tung Fort, Tiger’s Leap or Tiger’s Point is a scenic spot located in Kurvande along the way to Aamby Valley from Lonavala. It is among the most visited tourist spots in Lonavala.

It is a cliff-top with a height of 650m with a panoramic panorama of the surrounding hills. The spot offers a wonderful combination of beauty, peace, and excitement. The sunset and sunrise views from here are enchanting. The view is enhanced by a small waterfall; right next to this view that flows throughout the monsoon seasons most efficiently. The clouds cover the valley, making the area appear like heaven; which makes it an essential day-trip location.

Why Is It Called Tiger Point

If you look at it in a close-up, it appears in a tiger-like shape. In which a tiger is trying to jump through the valley giving the place its name. Another scene is the waterfalls that naturally fall during the monsoon. They have sparkling clear water. The name comes due to its resemblance with the appearance of a tiger that leaps. It offers stunning views of lush greenery, forests as well as waterfalls and lakes surrounding.

Tiger’s Leap is also known as Waghdari. The name derives because it resembles the form of a tiger leaping. It is a stunning view of greenery, forests as well as waterfalls and lakes surrounding. Sunset and sunrise views from this viewpoint are stunning.

How To Reach Tiger Point

The Tiger point is 76 km away from Pune and 97km from Mumbai by bus. The location is on Amby valley road. It runs through the stunningly beautiful mountains dotted with lush greenery. Trains can reach the point at just INR 90, and there’s a train every 30 minutes. But we would suggest early morning excursions to see the magnificent valley. It is also possible to take an auto from Lonavala station for less than INR 100. But, a cab that has an hourly fee is the most practical alternative. You can hire an auto or cab from Lonavala station for around INR 600. Buses can be available from INS Shivaji. You must walk the remaining distance of 1.6 km.

A small waterfall opposite to the viewpoint runs in monsoons only. Its force falls are more powerful than Bushy dam. Additionally, following the steep decline, the falls turn into a river with enough force. It goes all the way to the bottom of Tiger’s Leap. It is a popular destination for many tourists who enjoy adventurous activities such as rafting when the stream’s flow is moderate. Ideal for hiking, the site has safe areas to take in the valley and its surrounding areas.

What Is The Best Time To Visit Tiger Point

The best time to visit is the monsoon when you can view many small waterfalls in the hills. You can enjoy the best in June to September. The best time of the day to visit tiger point is later afternoon, before sunset. It is an amazing place to spend time during winters and monsoons.
You can go to Tiger Point with your family and acquaintances. The area of this point is breathtaking and, it is a great spot to watch the stunning sunset that is stunning. This spot is located on the Lonavala and Aamby valley road, and it is just 20 minutes from Lonavala. There is no entry fee for the visitors.

Lion Point

People often confuse Tiger Point with Lion Point. Both are separate hill points but offer similar views. Lion point is located near Tiger point. It offers a view of the mountains and a deep valley popular for their fritters made of onions and corn that have been roasted. Lion point is not home to any lions, but it is named that way because it is part of the Lonavala Lions Club. It is among the most well-known viewpoints in Lonavala and; also one of the top places to include in Lonavala tours.

The Shiv-ling Peak is a conical peak that is visible to the left of Lion’s Point.

The views at Lions Point are majestic and breathtaking. The views of sunset and sunrise from here are stunning. The wind is very powerful at this point. The road to the Lion point is equally beautiful.

Final Words

When clouds are hanging in the air the view is stunningly gorgeous, particularly when it’s raining. It’s the perfect getaway for those who love nature. Tiger’s Point or Tiger’s Leap is among the most visited tourist destinations in Lonavala. It is a stunning view of the valley in Lonavala. If you are attentive, you can see the effect of a tiger trying to traverse the valley. That is why that the vantage point is named for it. The sound produced by dropping rocks into the crevasse is the main, important feature of the spot. In monsoons, a tiny natural waterfall can be found close to. If you’re an enthusiast of nature and are searching for a change of scenery go to this site!

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