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Mumbai to Alibaug Ferry

Alibaug is a seashore jungle gym for India’s rich, popular and invigorating Mumbai escape. It’s possible to enjoy Alibaug in a day or two. You simply take some overtime to relax there and go beach hopping along the coastline. The long drive you’ve got to form to urge. It is to the strip of land just beyond the horizon, which will now be a thing of the past. The much-delayed, much-awaited Mumbai to Alibaug ferry service is fascinating. With this, you’ll get from Mumbai to Alibaug in just an hour and a half as against the 3 hours it regularly takes. Thus the view is going to be far better, for sure. Dissimilar to the current traveler ship, the Ro-Ro ship will work 24×7, and consistently, including storm season.

How To Reach Alibaug Via Ferry

The fastest method to get to Alibaug is by Ferry to Mandwa Pier from the Gateway of India in the Colaba neighborhood of southern Mumbai. Ferries to Alibaug are accessible from Gateway of India and ‘Bhaucha Dhakka’. From the dock, the seashore is 30-45 minutes south, by bus or auto cart. The bus fare is counted in the cost of the Ferry.

It is the fastest and cheapest way to get from Mumbai to Alibaug. You even have the option to choose air-conditioned ferries, which are also available, especially in summer. This ferry service takes you from Mumbai to Alibaug in 50 minutes. The Ferry departs from Gateway of India at various times listed below. 

What Are The Different Ferry Options?

Ferries and Launches are operated by three organizations between Gateway of India, Mumbai, and Mandwa, from 6:00 am to 6:00 pm. This service will not operate in the event of rain or bad weather. 

PNP, Maldar, Ajanta, M2M are different for everyone. Ajanta is cheaper than others, and the price is different for the upper and lower floors and the air conditioning. 

The ferry schedule is as follows. Please check with the ferry operators for the correct timetable as it is subject to change without notice.

RORO Ferry (M2M) works between Ferry Wharf (Bhaucha Dhakka) in Mumbai and Mandwa Jetty in Raigad. It serves every day of the week and all year round. M2M offers people the option of bringing their vehicles.  Passenger safety formalities following the statutory provisions are followed. M2M Ferries or the Ro-Pax Ferry is implied in such a way that it can oblige 500 travelers and 150 vehicles. It helps you save some time as well. 

Best of all, the M2M Ferries are functional consistently. 

Ferry Timings

Four companies are operating ferry services on the sea route to Alibaug from Mumbai. Every company has its specific timetable of the day. 

PNP Maritime Services Pvt. Ltd.

Phone No.s : Alibag – (02141) 225403, Mandawa – (02141) 237087,

Mumbai – (022) 22885220, 22885221

Below are PNP Maritime Ferry timings:

From Gateway of IndiaFrom AlibaugFrom Mandwa
08:15 AM06:15 AM07:10 AM
10:15 AM08:15 AM09:05 AM
12:15 PM10:15 AM11:05 AM
02:15 PM12:15 PM01:05 PM
04:15 PM02:15 PM03:05 PM
06:30 PM04:15 PM05:05 PM
08:15 PM06:30 PM07:30 PM

MALDAR Catamarans

Phone No.s : Alibag – (02141) 223746, Mandawa – (02141) 2237464,

Mumbai – (022) 22829695

Below are Maldar Catamarans Ferry timings:

From Gateway of IndiaFrom AlibaugFrom Mandwa
08:30 AM08:45 AM09:30 AM
10:45 AM11:00 AM11:45 AM
01:15 PM01:30 PM02:15 PM
03:30 PM03:45 PM04:30 PM
06:00 PM06:00 PM07:00 PM

AJANTA (Jal-Vahatuk Sahakari Sanstha Maryadit)

Phone No.s : Alibag – (02141) 224437,

Mandawa – (02141) 237550, Mumbai – (022) 22026364, 22023585, 2287547

Below are Ajanta Ferry timings:

From Gateway of IndiaFrom AlibaugFrom Mandwa
06:15 AM06:45 AM07:30 AM
07:00 AM07:30 AM08:15 AM
07:45 AM07:55 AM08:45 AM
09:15 AM09:45 AM10:30 AM
10:00 AM10:30 AM11:15 AM
11:15 AM11:45 AM12:30 PM
12:00 PM12:30 PM01:15 PM
12:45 PM01:00 PM01:45 PM
02:00 PM02:30 PM03:15 PM
03:00 PM03:30 PM04:15 PM
04:00 PM04:30 PM05:15 PM
04:30 PM04:55 PM05:45 PM
05:00 PM05:30 PM06:15 PM
05:30 PM05:45 PM06:30 PM

Mumbai To Alibaug Ferry Prices

Fare is different for all. Ajanta is cheaper than others, and M2M is costly but worth it. Also, the fare is different for the upper deck, lower deck, and A/C. Here is the available information for you.

Main DeckAC DeckUpper Deck
PNP Maritime Services185190
Maldar Catamarans160215195

Above prices are for adults, for one side travel only.

M2M Ferry Price for travelers and vehicles: 

For Passengers: 300 to 360

For bikes: 210

For 4 Wheelers: 800 to 1200

For Pets: 310

For Cycles: 110

For Buses: 3200

How To Book Tickets

For M2M ferry, you need to book online in advance. Book from their official website.

For PNP, MALDAR and AJANTA, you can directly book on the spot from their counters. They always have seats available in the next ferry.

Mumbai To Alibaug Ferry Map

Things To Know Before Taking Mumbai To Alibaug Ferry

While you plan your Mumbai to Alibaug Ferry here are a few things to understand and follow:

  • Make sure, you reach the boarding venue a few minutes earlier to avoid last-minute problems with the entry.
  • If you are an Indian citizen, it is recommended to carry a National identity proof such as Aadhar Card.
  • If you are a foreign national, you must make sure you take your passport and visa along.
  • You are recommended to not carry any valuables including jewelry, cash money, etc. The ferry operators and management do not take any responsibility for its safety.
  • It is essential to strictly follow all the precautionary and safety instructions given at the site for the ferry.
  • You must maintain a safe distance from your fellow passengers as a part of social distancing.
  • It is recommended to carry essential medications for allergies, chronic illnesses, etc. during the ferry.
  • It is always recommended to not take along too young and too old people for safety concerns and emergency situations if any.

Important Policies To Know

Booking Policies

  • You may choose to book your M2M ferry tickets online on its official website.
  • The ferry tickets are also available on-site.
  • In the case of online and offline bookings, it is advised to book your slots at least 2 to 3 days in advance.

Confirmation Policies

  • On booking the ferry, you will receive a confirmation receipt via email within 24 hours.
  • In case of any changes, and unavailability of the preferred ferry slots, new slots are allotted and a new confirmation receipt is sent.

Cancellation Policies

  • Though you can cancel your ferry travel any time before boarding, you do not have any access to file refunds for it.
  • No amount of the ticket amount is refundable.

Payment Terms Policies

  • The booking amount for slots needs to be paid in advance before the travel.
  • The booking amount as demanded by the travel company is to be paid 100% in advance.

Is Mumbai To Alibaug Ferry Open?

Mumbai to Alibaug ferry service is open throughout the year except for the Monsoon season and bad weather. M2M Ferry is currently operating on specific days of the month. You can get all the information on the website.

Can We Take A Car Ferry To Alibaug

There is only an M2M Ferry service, which provides vehicle and pet transport through the ferry. The M2M ship works between two ports – Bhaucha Dhakka Port in Mumbai and Mandwa Jetty in Raigad. So in case you’re in Mumbai, your boarding point would be from Bhaucha Dhakka Port. 

The RoPax ferry service has a capacity of up to 500 passengers and 150 vehicles. It includes cars, motorcycles, and bicycles. The terminals were built at both locations to allow easy entry and exit of the vehicles.

Best Time To Take Mumbai To Alibaug Ferry

The Mumbai to Alibaug Ferry rides are available year-round from 7 am to 6 pm every day of the week. The Mumbai to Alibaug route is pleasant and ideal for a short ferry trip or transport of vehicles and luggage. However, the ferry schedules might be shut down during heavy rains or other intense climatic conditions. Summer and winter seasons are the most-preferred time to take Mumbai to Alibaug Ferry.

Is It Safe To Travel By Mumbai To Alibaug Ferry?

Yes. It is completely safe to travel by ferry from Mumbai to Alibaug. All ferries are in good condition and well-maintained. All safety precautions for travellers are followed along with all necessary government approvals. The ferries are scheduled considering the climatic conditions. You might expect a cancellation with a full refund in case of a bad climate.

How Much Time Is Required From Mumbai To Alibaug By Ferry?

The Mumbai to Alibaug Ferry lasts for about 50 to 55 minutes. However, it might change a bit depending on the package and company you choose to travel with.

How Can I Reach Boarding Point Of Ferry?

You can opt to travel by local train, car or bus to reach the boarding point i.e. Gateway of India Jetty. To board at Bhaucha Dhakka, you can reach Dockyard Road station by bus, motorcycle or car.

Resorts In Alibaug

We have the best 8 resorts in alibaug listed down for you. Refer this article for list of best alibaug resorts with their details, pricing, address and more.

Cheaper Options Than Resort

If you are traveling on a budget and don’t want to spend Rs.2000 per night, you can go stay at alibaug beachside camping as well. It is a bargain for just Rs.1200 per person inclusive of stay, meals and open-air movie screening session.


Ferry travel from Mumbai to Alibaug is a nice break out from routine life. All information you need to travel is Ferry company, schedule, and ticket price. All are given above for you by Weekend Feels. Take a backpack and be ready to enjoy the trip. You can feel the water of the sea sparkled like astonishing jewels – so valuable that they were consistently unattainable. The sky, glorious with the fantastic magnificence of the rising sun, can be witnessed from the Ferry. The cherry on the cake is the seagulls that seem to move in celebration of our freshly discovered opportunity as they continue after our ship. Weekend Feels will take care of all arrangements for you.

Below are a few places to visit in Alibaug:

  • Alibaug Beach
  • Kolaba Fort
  • Murud Janjira Fort
  • Varsoli Beach
  • Kihim Beach
  • Brahma Kund
  • Kanakeshwar Forest
  • Kashid Beach
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