Devkund Waterfall Trek – how to reach, the best time to visit, and what to carry

• Devkund Waterfall Trek, in Bhira village near Kolad, Maharashtra, is a popular day-long hike that covers 5-6 km with moderate to difficult terrain, featuring lush valleys, thick forests, and beautiful waterfalls
• The best time to visit is during the monsoon months (June-August) and post-monsoon until January; swimming is allowed for experienced swimmers only
• Essentials to carry include 2-3 liters of water, comfortable trekking shoes, a torch, raincoat, waterproof backpack, sunscreen, sunglasses, and personal medication
• The trek is accessible from Mumbai and Pune, with local guides recommended for navigating the dense forests and backwaters; small Dhabas provide limited food options on the way, and camping near the waterfall is possible

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Devkund Waterfall WeekendFeels

Devkund, the name comes from Dev meaning God and Kund meaning Bathing spot. Put together, Devkund means “The Bathing Pond of Gods.”

Devkund Waterfall is the origin of the Kundlika river and, it is a confluence of three waterfalls. This mystical waterfall also has a mythological significance and is revered as sacred by the locals who live there. A few of the stunning trekking routes like Tamhini Ghats, Andharban, and many more fall in this region.

There are only a handful of permanent waterfalls that are perennial in Maharashtra. Devkund Waterfall is one of them. The forest surrounding the waterfall is beautifully green. It is full of a wide variety of birds and animals. The energy of the monsoon is in the air. The Devkund trek will take you along undiscovered ways, traversing slippery rocks. It includes moderate to easy challenges along the route. When you arrive at Devkund waterfall, you will be stunned by its beauty and filled with happiness.


Kundalika river originates at Devkund Waterfall. Locals believe that utensils would appear out of the pond whenever there was a festival or auspicious event.

Devkund Waterfall Trek

Do you want to explore the tranquility that is far away from the bustle of the city? Let’s go upon one of Maharashtra’s most adored day-long hikes. It’s the Devkund Waterfall trek. It is situated in Bhira village, close to Kolad, located in the Raigad district of Maharashtra. 

The waterfall is located in the Western ghats of Maharashtra near Tamhini Ghat; it is famous for its beautiful landscape in Sahyadri mountain. Lush valleys, thick forests, and beautiful waterfalls, riverbeds, and lakes are treasures of this place.

The trek starts from Bhira Patnus village. Devkund Waterfall trek distance is around 5-6 Kms. The journey to Bhira towards the falls of Devkund is approximately two hours. Once you arrive at the waterfalls, you will be able to witness the wonder of the waterfalls. It is running down from an altitude of up to 80 meters on the rocky surface, creating a natural pool of around 30 inches in diameter. The entire atmosphere is beautiful and relaxing.

  • Height: 2700 feet
  • Trek Length: 3 Km
  • Trek Duration: 4 Hours
  • Trek Difficulty: Moderate to Difficult

What Makes The Trek Moderate To Difficult

The trail is flat for about 70% of the trek, The remaining 30 percent climbs up is uphill through thick forest and boulders.
To complete the trek, you need to cross 3-4 river streams which is where things get tricky if it is raining. If it is raining at that time, the water pressure in these river streams is a lot which is powerful enough to wash away people with its pressure. This is the reality that no trekker group ever tells.

Best Time To Visit Devkund Waterfall

Devkund Falls Trek is approximately 170km away from Mumbai. The drive to the village at the base is approximately 7 hours from Mumbai. It is easily accessible through the Mumbai Pune Expressway.

Reach Khopoli via train Khopoli to Pali ( shuttle bus ) then Pali to Bhira (public bus )

Train from Parel to Khopoli

Avg. Duration Frequency
2 hours Every 10 minutes

If you are traveling by personal vehicle, then travel from Mumbai to Karjat, then to Khopoli, from there to Pali, then destination Bhira (Tata hydropower plant)

Devkund Waterfall Trek Booking

There are hundreds of options out there from where you can book from. After our extensive research, we have picked out 2 brands that should be considered. Please note that these brands are not travel agents, they operate and manage the trek themselves.

Thrillophilia – ₹1245 per person without transport
Trek & Trails – ₹1300 per person without transport

How To Reach Devkund From Pune

Devkund Falls Trek is approximately 110 kilometers from Pune. It takes five hours to reach the base village from Pune.

The distance to the road for the Devkund waterfall trek From Pune is 71.4 km. You can easily reach the beautiful trekking spot by taxi, car bus, train, or bus.

Reach Karjat via train, Karjat to Khopoli (train). Then Khopoli to Pali ( the public bus ), then Pali to Bhira (public bus )

Bus from Swargate to ST Stand Paud

Avg. Duration Frequency
1 hour 14 minutes Every 60 minutes

From Paud to Devkund waterfall taxi.

If you are traveling by personal vehicle, then travel from Swargate to Katraj, then to Taminighat. From there to Patnus, at last Bhira (Tata the hydropower plant)

It is easy to reach the beautiful Devkund waterfall from cities nearby, such as Mumbai, Pune.

You can hire a taxi, bus, or drive to Bhira village located in Raigad district and hike towards the falls. 

Best Time To Visit Devkund Waterfall

The ideal time to go to the Devkund waterfall trek is in the monsoon months. Nature is at its finest and is in bloom like never before. The months between June and August are ideal for those who want to experience the most beautiful natural beauty as well as post-monsoon until January. 

Early morning is the best time to start the Devkund trek. You will experience the thrilling adventure of walking up to the waterfall.

It’s a plunge waterfall that drains massive amounts of water onto the rocky surface below. It is a favorite spot for picnics that last a day. 

Below is a YouTube video explaining how to reach Devkund Waterfall.

Things To Carry

There are some essential things to be aware of before preparing for this moment:

  • 2/3 liters of bottled water
  • Comfortable trekking Shoes
  • Good Torch with an extra battery
  • Sheets for bed or mat for taking some time off
  • Bars or energy drinks
  • A raincoat or umbrella is ideal to cover rain at any time.
  • Waterproof backpack
  • Sunscreen lotion
  • Sunglasses
  • Hat or scarf to keep out the sun
  • Personal Medication if any
  • Identity Proof
  • Comfortable clothes and an extra set of clothing to change, if you are wet.
  • Mosquito repellent cream

I don’t know Swimming – Should I go

Swimming is permitted, up to the very beginning of the bisection. Every year, a lot of people drown in picnics near the waterfalls in Maharashtra. The past has seen many tourists have drowned at Devkund waterfall. The majority of incidents occurred because people broke the rules laid out by locals to avoid incidents. So non-swimmers should not go into the waterfall.

Do You Need A Trekking Guide To Visit Devkund Waterfall

Use a local guide for the trek because the hike isn’t easy and the trails go through dense forests and backwaters from dams.

Are There Any Places To Eat On The Way

Breakfast/Lunch/Dinner is available at the base village, while you can have tea, lemon juice, or some chips like snacks at the small huts on the way.

Villagers operate a couple of small Dhabas on the trail. They serve Maggi, Nimbu Paani, and Poha. These Dhabas operate during the rainy season, and on weekends. Then also, take enough water and food to make it through the trek, as Dhabas in small sizes usually run out of food due to the massive crowds during the weekend.

Devkund Waterfall Camping

Relax your feet in the cool water and indulge in the benefits of nature that are sure to bring you back to your best. When the sun shines down on the stunning blue waters, you’ll realize you’ve found paradise. Get ready for some amazing Insta-worthy snaps as the area appears so clean It’s like a scene out of a fairy tale. Do check out Devkund Waterfall Camping if you want to stay near the waterfall for a night.

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