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A gem of beauty, filled with flavors of history, is nothing but Nandi Hills. Also known as Nandidurga, this heaven on earth is home to the finest climate, beautiful hillocks, valleys and breathtaking magnificence of nature. Nandi Hills is a perfect getaway destination for those of you living in Bangalore. But even if you are visiting Bangalore as a tourist, it shall only impress you.  Nandi Hills is a tiny, pretty-looking town, situated only 60 km away from Bangalore city centre. If you are someone, who has been on a hunt for short-trip destinations near Bangalore, this is a complete guide for you to land in an amazing place- Nandi Hills!

Nandi Hills Fees

The entry ticket fee for Nandi Hills is only INR 5 for adults. However, there are additional charges for vehicle parking. Two-wheelers and cycles can be parked for a fee of INR 15 per vehicle and four-wheelers can be parked at a fee of INR 60 per vehicle. Travelers and tourists must refrain from paying any extra costs/fees for carrying photography gear and mobile phones. It is to be noted that travel guides and other adventure activities are charged separately.

Nandi Hills Timings

You can visit the Nandi hills from 6 am to 10 pm. The place is open for all tourists and visitors on all days of the week.

Best Time to Visit

The best time of the year to visit Nandi hills is during the months of December to February. Nature is abundantly decorated during the winter months making it an enthralling experience for you. You can visit Nandi hills for a complete day and enjoy all the fun activities therein.

Things to Do in Nandi Hills

Nandi Hills is not only a picture-perfect place but also a dream holiday spot for travel enthusiasts to do anything and everything that their hearts please. Surrounded by misty hills and green covers of nature, here is a complete guide for things to do in Nandi Hills:

  1. Take up Cycling

Who would miss a chance to ride amidst roads filled with beauty and adventure? Travellers find it extremely amusing to visit Nandi hills and enjoy bike and cycle rides whilst viewing the incredible beauty around them. Cyclists and riding enthusiasts from various parts of India consider Nandi hills as their dream destination to ride. You will be more than surprised to know that there are specially developed cycling and biking tracks, to encourage visitors to take up cycling not only on a holiday but every day! With that, Nandi Hills is a perfect destination to visit with your cyclist friends.

  1. Go for Trekking

Nandi hill is a complete package of tall and short hills, dense jungles, amazing viewpoints, fortresses and so much more. Give the trekker inside you a complete treat on your short holiday. If you have a group of adventure enthusiasts who just don’t feel full with any number of adventures they perform on a holiday, Nandi hills is so for you. Visit the famous trekking spots in Nandi hills like Skandagiri, Chinnagiri, Brahmagiri, Hemagiri, etc. There are a number of trekking groups that arrange various trekking tours at different spots in Nandi hills. However, it is completely possible to plan your trek on your own along with your friends if you wish to.

  1. Take Paragliding rides

Your visit to Nandi Hill shall remain incomplete without experiencing a paragliding ride therein. One out of the few paragliding sites, Nandi hills is one of the most scenic ones in India. Can you imagine living a life of a bird for a few minutes to view the mountains, hills, valleys and skies from up above? If you can imagine it, well then, we bet the experience is going to turn out even more memorable than you think. Set yourself free and enjoy paragliding in Nandi hills and tick that one adventure off your bucket list!

  1. Enjoy Site Seeing

Nature is indeed in its happiest form in Nandi hills. You wouldn’t be wrong if you visited and thought for a moment, to live there forever. On your holiday at this scenic picnic spot near Bangalore, enjoy the heart-melting sunrises and sunsets, especially at the famous sunrise viewpoint. You must not miss the opportunity to close your eyes and experience the things that the naked eye cannot see. Apart from that, go on short exploring walks to appreciate the beauty of nature around you. You can also visit the bird spotting zones like gardens, and water bodies of the Nandi hills to witness how delighted the flora and fauna are at this place.

  1. Visit Temples

Nandi hills have a number of significant historical monuments, temples and shrines. If you enjoy experiencing the spiritual vibe, you must consider visiting the temples in Nandi hills. Visit the Bhoga Nandeeshwara temple, at the foothills of the Nandi hills, to appreciate the architectural and artistic beauty of the place. It is a temple decorated with miraculous artwork in metal and stone where you can seek the blessings of Lord Shiva, Goddess Parvati and Nandi deva. Nandeeshwara temple is one of the oldest temples in India and surely a must-visit. You can also consider visiting Yoga Nandeeshwara temple and Muthathi Anjaneya Temple, that of Lord Shiva and Lord Hanumana respectively.

  1. Spend time at Family places

You can have a relaxed time at several viewpoints in Nandi hills that are well-maintained. You can visit Muddena Halli, which is open for public viewing day long. You can also visit the children’s play areas and gardens consisting of swings, slides and other fun activities for kids. Visit the Brahmashram to relax in serenity if you are travelling alone or with someone who enjoys being in touch with the beauty of silence.

How to reach Nandi Hills

If you wish to travel to Nandi Hills from Bangalore city centre, here are a few ways you can do it:

  • By Rail: You can choose to travel by metro from the nearest metro station of your stay location. You can head toward Dasarahalli Metro Station or Jalahalli Metro Station which are the nearest metro stations to Nandi hills. From these stations, you can book a cab and head toward Nandi hills. It costs around INR 1200 by metro to reach Nandi hills.
  • By Bus: You can get a direct KSRTC-managed bus from the Majestic bus stop also called Kempegowda Bus Station to head toward Nandi hills. There are about three buses running throughout the day both ways. This is one of the most preferred and cheapest options to reach Nandi hills from Bangalore and it costs between INR 50 to INR 200 depending on the type of booking.
  • By Car: You can always choose to self-drive from your stay location to Nandi hills. You can even rent a car for the same. It is a relatively costlier option. It costs between INR 2000 to INR 2500 to reach Nandi Hills from Bangalore. Yet, it is also one of the most convenient ways to reach the destination.
  • By Cab: You can easily get an Ola or Uber cab online from any part of Bangalore to reach Nandi hills. There is also the availability of offline cabs from Kempegowda International Airport. It is to be noted that Nandi Hills being on the outskirts of the city, travelling by cab can be a bit costly. It costs between INR 2500 to INR 3000 by cab.

What Is Nandi Hills Famous For

Nandi Hills is famous for beautiful nature views, watching sunrises and as a short weekend getaway destination for adventure and fun activities.

Guide For Nandi Hills

You can take a guided tour of Nandi Hills. You can book your tour online through Thrillophilia. There are also on-spot guides available after you reach Nandi Hills.

Is Nandi Hills open On Weekends

Yes, Nandi Hills is open on weekdays and weekends from 6 am to 10 pm year-round. Closure might be announced only in case of national or climatic emergencies.

Are Pets Allowed In Nandi Hills

Yes, pets are allowed in Nandi Hills. You can take your pet animals for almost all daytime activities in the vicinity.

Can We Go To Nandi Hills By Scooty

Yes, you can take all types of vehicles including scooty and bikes to reach Nandi hills. However, it is recommended not to take two-wheelers if you are traveling from any city other than Bangalore.

Nandi Hills Resorts

You can book your exclusive stays at any of the best stay options in Nandi Hills including Clarks Exotica Resort, Fantasy Golf Resort, etc. We have the best 9 resorts in Nandi Hills listed down for you. Refer to this article for a list of best Nandi Hills resorts with their details, pricing, addresses and more.

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