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Sula Vineyard is a very famous winery from Nashik. It has established its name across national and international boundaries as a pioneer of mass wine production in India. Sula Wines started on a 35-acre land a few decades back and later went on to make Nashik the wine capital of India. Located in Nashik, about 180 km from Mumbai, it is one of the best-renowned getaways for wine and nature lovers. Not only would you get to taste and enjoy a variety of wines here, but you can also munch on unique food dishes alongside. On your visit to Sula Vineyards, you can get a tour around the vineyard and also a round of wine tasting. The best part is that you can experience this in the embrace of Nashik’s lush greenery in any season of the year.

Did you know this about Sula Wines?

  • The founder of Sula Wines, Rajive Samant, named the world-famous wine brand after his mother- Sulabha
  • Located in one of the modest cities of Maharashtra- Nashik, Sula is the third wine company in India
  • Sula Wines sells about twenty-five variants of wines to this day
  • Though Sula Wines started its story from just a 30-acre land, it owns about 1800-acre property today in Nashik
  •  Sula’s Sula Shiraz Cabernet wine is the top-selling Indian wine, not only in India but in many other Asian and European countries
  • Sula Wines is the organization that introduced and marketed the term Wine tourism in India
  • Sula Wines is also known as Asia’s most visited vineyard. It receives visitors of almost all age groups from different corners of the world.
  • Various brands of Sula Wines have won different noteworthy awards, including the “Decanter World Wine Awards of 2020” for the brand Rasa Syrah.

Sula Vineyard Prices And Tickets

Some places are meant to be experienced no matter what. And Sula Vineyard, as you must be well aware, is one such destination. Travelers, wine-lovers, and tourists from across the world come visit Sula Vineyards year-round for its amazing wine-making process and wine-tasting tours(where you get to taste 6 different), vineyard tours, and, of course, the astonishing experience it has to offer us all with its multicuisine restaurant. If you are looking forward to visiting Sula, and wondering about its pricing, here’s everything you need to know about it:

Entry Fees to the Vineyard on weekdays (Monday to Friday): Rs. 600/-

Entry Fees to the Vineyard on weekends (Saturday and Sunday) and on festive days: Rs. 1000/-

On paying the entry fees, you will be given an entry coupon, which can be redeemed inside the campus for anything you wish to buy or have on the same day. The coupons can be redeemed at the restaurant, Gift shop, wine bottle shop, and during the wine tour and tasting. 

Apart from that, if the season is in your favor, you can go for grape stomping. It happens between January to March. Wouldn’t you be excited to experience this Roman tradition of crushing the juicy grapes with your feet?

Sula Vineyard Timings

Situated on the outskirts of Nashik city, in a wonderful climatic setting, Sula is open for all year round. However, since Nashik is known for its greenery, beauty, and calmness, Sula Vineyard is best to visit during winter. The vineyard campus is scenic and beautiful from October to February, making it the best time to visit.

However, if you are a grape lover and would love to see and taste the juicy grapes during the vineyard tour, the best time to visit Sula Vineyards will be from January to March. Also, if you are looking forward to visiting Sula exclusively for the world-famous Sula Fest, don’t miss to keep an eye on its dates, which usually fall in the early first week of February.

You can visit Sula Vineyards on any of the weekdays from 10:30 a.m. IST to 11:00 pm IST.

Sula Fest 2023

Happening in the early first week of February every year (usually 1st and 2nd February), Sula Fest is no less than the most grand event in Nashik. People across boundaries come to this magnificent and dazzling fest each year to vibe on the beats and lights and not to forget the world-famous Sula wine.

Sula Fest is that time of the year that promises abundant fun in the form of relishing food, mind-blowing drinks, merchandise and wine shopping, fun games, and music shows. The best part of Sula Fest is witnessing and grooving to songs and tunes of world-famous artists from India and abroad. Sula Fest also offers a wide range of wines of its own and also some other famous brands from different geographies.

Sula Fest is also a learning experience in itself, for you get to meet wine experts who know a lot more about wine than you can imagine. If you genuinely are a wine-lover, you just can’t miss knowing about it all, from the right glasses to use to which wine to have, when to which wine was produced, and how.

While you visit Nashik for Sula Fest, you can choose to stay in the campsites in the Vineyard, or you can also book your stays in the nearby hotels and resorts like Ginger, Taj, Ibis, etc., that are ready to serve you the best.

Luxury Stays At Sula Vineyards

Sula Vineyards owns two stay properties: Sula- The Source and Sula- Beyond. Both properties are situated in Nashik and embrace grape cultivation and wine production. It is indeed a delight to stay here, since the experience it has to offer you is beyond words. You can book your stay with a room with a Lake view or in a Sky Villa. During your stay here, you are pampered with free yet jaw-dropping offers, gifts, and surprises from the Sula team that you’d make up your mind to visit here soon again! From free a bottle of wine to mouth-watering dishes, they leave no stone unturned to make it your perfect holiday.

So if you wish to stay in the Sula Vineyard’s own winery campus, you need to book your stay at Sula- The Source. But if you are expecting a calm, noise-free, and soul-touching stay, Beyond will not fail to impress you beyond your imagination.

Nashik To Sula Vineyards

Nashik is located only about 180 km from Mumbai, which is a 4-hour drive to Nashik. If you are traveling from Pune, Nashik is only 230 km away, and you can drive in less than 6 hours to reach the very much talked-about Sula Fest.

Whether you are traveling from Mumbai or Pune, you can either self-drive or hire a car. You can start from your respective location and end your journey at Nashik Road. After that, you can simply book an Uber or Ola or a local auto-rickshaw to reach Sula Vineyards. It is only about 20 km away from Nashik Road.

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