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Are you frustrated by your hectic work schedule? Then a nature camp is the best way to cool off. In simple words, camping is an outdoor activity that offers overnight stays. Nowadays, people prefer remote areas to experience the joys of camping.

Bhandardara is a perfect place for camping. It is a tourist town for relaxing in nature. It is in the vicinity of nature near Igatpuri, which is in the Western Ghats of India. So if you are planning to go to Bhandardara Camp, do not miss the chance to have the most adventurous time of your life.

Bhandardara town is in north-eastern Maharashtra in western India. It lies on the coast of the Wainganga River, east of Nagpur. Bhandardara is a business place. 

Bet You Didn’t Know This

Bhandara is the centre of an arms production plant; it creates weapons for the military. The history of Bhandardara extends back to the eleventh century. The Haihaya Rajput, Gond tribals, Peshwas, and Nizams have all ruled over this district before. Furthermore, all have made permanent imprints of their way of life and history in this area. 

Bhandardara is home to big forts. The legacy of past periods, along with clean vegetation and huge water bodies is attractive. It is an unseen pearl in the core of Maharashtra. It is the place for those who are searching for some harmony and calm in their lives. It is in a beautiful environment with well-settled local people. 

Things To Do 

Bhandardara is a picturesque town, close to Igatpuri in Maharashtra. The unending list of engaging and adventurous Things to Do in Bhandardara has made it one of the best escapes from routine life. Bhandardara is Nature’s dream; this little town is home to many beautiful waterfalls in the state. Setting up camp by the Bhandardara Lakeside is a good experience. Alongside setting up camp, travellers can enjoy the short boat ride to Ratanwadi town. 

Likewise, the high peaks of the Sahyadri mountains in Bhandardara are attracting travellers for some adventurous travelling. Daredevils can set out for the Sandhan Valley Trek, Ratangad Fort Trek, or Kalsubai Peak Trek.  Some of the fascinating spots to visit here are Bhandardara Lake, Wilson Dam, Umbrella Falls. You can enjoy Randha Falls, Ratangad Fort, and Kalsubai Peak also. The beauty and polite appeal of these places of interest ignite the photographer in you. Another thing to look out for in Bhandardara is the Fireflies Camping Festival. Keep reading below for details on these activities.

Visit the amazingly picturesque Randha Falls

Randha Falls is the third biggest waterfall in India. The Pravara River falls roaringly from 170 feet into the Randha Falls. The smooth white waters springing through the rocks are an incredible sight, especially in the monsoon. 

Source: https://twitter.com/maha_tourism

There is a viewpoint over the falls to enjoy the sight beauty. The views on the Randha waterfall from that point are hypnotizing and overwhelming. At the foot of the fall, you can see bogs of honey bees humming around. The immense bee colonies in the tall trees are here. You can visit the sanctuary on the riverbank. 

Ratangad Fort Trekking

Ratangad is a 400-year old fort. It is constructed above the height of Bhandardara city. The journey to the fortress from Bhandardara begins from Ratanwadi town. The journey takes you through the thick woods of the Western Ghats. You can enjoy different greenery-loaded scenes. After around 2 – 2.5 km long stretches of travelling, you can come to the authentic Ratangad Fort. You will be in the hypnotizing view on the far-off tops and the lavish green landscape around.

Source: www.trawell.in

The ideal time to visit is in the monsoon and winter season. The entire district looks so new in different shades of green at that time. 

Sandhan Valley Trekking and Hiking

It is one of the most courageous treks to Do in Maharashtra. Sandhan Valley Trekking is for the individuals who love to do it. Sandhan Valley is the second-biggest valley in Asia. The trip takes you through the difficult and tight ways, between 100 feet tall mountains and many streams.

Source: www.townscript.com

In the monsoon, the streams between the mountains can reach one’s chest level. It makes the trip bolder. The trip likewise incorporates rock climbing and rappelling at certain parts. On arriving at the valley, you can appreciate all-rounder views of the mountains. The sight makes it, the daring trip worth each penny. 

Visit the Umbrella Waterfalls

You can visit here if you visit Bhandardara in the rainy season. At that point, an outing to the Umbrella Waterfalls guarantees a staggering touring experience. The water spouting out from the Wilson Dam shapes this waterfall; the dam reaches its limit in the monsoon. The spilling over waters of the dam tumble from a tallness of 500 feet. Water dashes onto the naturally framed semi-round rocks beneath.It gives the rock a wonderful umbrella-like shape. 

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Due to its shape, the waterfall is perfect and looks lavish especially, in the rain. Best views on the fall you can see from the foot over bridge. That is at the lower part of the fall.  

Touring at Wilson Dam 

It is one of the most visited dams in India. Wilson Dam was built in 1910 across River Pravara, at the height of 150 m above ocean level. It has an earthen floor which makes it a designing work of art of those days. 

Source: www.thrillophilia.com

The dam looks breathtaking. It is over the blustery season with shimmering waters and dark green trees. There is a pool and a nursery at the base of the dam. You can walk around the tall trees, lavish hills, and delicately streaming streams

Drifting at Arthur Lake

Arthur Lake is a quiet water body that gets its waters from the Pravara River. The lake goes about as a supply for the Wilson Dam. It looks stunningly delightful, with the magnificent heaps of the Western Ghats in the background. 

Source: http://bhandardaraphotos.blogspot.com

This lake is around 34 km long and holds legendary significance. It is accepted that Agasthya Rishi inhabited here. Sailing here is one of the main attractions in Bhandardara. Visitors visiting Arthur Lake can appreciate both speedboat and skiff rides. 

Journey to the Kalsubai Peak

At a rise of 1646 meters above sea level, the Kalsubai Peak in Akole Taluka is the most noteworthy top in the Western Ghats. Couples can like journeying up to this top. It is through rich vegetation and grassy ranches. 

Source: www.mumbaipuneadventures.com

The peak is generally without the noise. It has hypnotizing views of the valley underneath. Thus, couples can live their sincere minutes in serenity. The Kalsubai Harishchandragad Wildlife Sanctuary houses the peak. Aside from looking at the flourishing vegetation, couples can likewise visit the different sanctuaries in the area. 

Gaze upon in Bhandardara Fireflies Festival 

Fancy getting yourself treated to the demonstration of fireflies against the dim skies in a wilderness with your adored one? Of course, the Bhandardara Fireflies Festival is only for you both. 

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The Bhandardara Fireflies Festival happens each year in May and June. During this time, uncommon camping areas are made at Konkan Kada. It is to enjoy the staggering show set forth by the fireflies as the sunsets. 

Go on a touring visit to Bhandardara

Bhandardara is a  resort town. It has many wonderful places. It is enjoyable with touring attractions like Umbrella Falls, Wilson Dam, Kalsubai Peak, Randha Falls, and Arthur Lake. It is set in the lap of the strong Western Ghats, and touring is the best thing to do in Bhandardara

The environment of the city is likewise inviting and charming for most periods of the year. Couples can appreciate visiting the attractions of Bhandardara. The picturesque background of nature here is ideal for pre-wedding and post-wedding photoshoots.

Bhandardara Lake Camping

Bhandardara Lake Campground helps to be an amazing, and peaceful experience for a long time. Take advantage of this super fascinating camping session in Bhandardara near Igatpuri. We at Weekend Feels are well-prepared to make it an eternal joy for you. With Weekend Feels, you will be mesmerized by the boundless beauty of the Western Ghats. Our Bhandardara Lake Camping allows you to stay in one of the best camping and picnic spots chosen for nature lovers, with tents on a double/triple base with the comfort of mattresses and blankets.

 Bhandardara Lake is the most popular place of interest in Bhandardara. It is also known as Arthur Lake. Setting up camp here tops the list of activities in Bhandardara. The lake looks clean and clear. The scopes of the Western Ghats that encompass the district make the spot look peaceful. 

Visitors can observe the excellence of the lake by setting up camp at the camping area around the lake. Ordinarily, campers stay here for an evening and two days. It is in the spotless, agreeable, and exceptional beds to delight in the wonder of Mother Nature. Setting up camp here additionally remembers a huge fire for the evening and a humble BBQ delicacy. 

Resorts In Bhandardara

The ideal time to enjoy the best touring experience in Bhandardara is during the winter season. It is the time of year when you can experience nature at its best. Lots of villas, hotels, and best resorts are available to stay here. The cool winds blowing through the atmosphere make the winter season heavenly. Many luxurious resorts are in Bhandardara to serve you. Hotels provide limitless facilities and luxuries. Those who are looking; to fully explore the surrounding falls should camp during the monsoon season. The falls are plentiful and full of streams in this season.

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