One Day In Lavasa – India’s Own Italy

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Bored with the monotonous lifestyle we had; we all were looking for a weekend escape. We had no plans in our mind, yet we first booked the rental bikes. That’s the thing I love most about Pune. During monsoon season, you always get someplace for the escape. That day it was Lavasa, a special demand to witness the Sunrise there. The distance from Lavasa to Pune is around 50 Km.

On any other day merely, the thought of waking up at 3 AM would give us a chill in the bone. But that was a special day and we wanted to witness the Sunrise at Lavasa, so we left Pune early at 3:00 AM. It was all dark out there. The road from Pune to Lavasa is through the jungle and at the early hour of the morning, it was empty. Bike ride, pitch-black night, and the Dense fog, that excitement for Sunrise was itself an experience. We couldn’t find any place to stop for refreshments, as all shops were closed. The visibility was poor due to fog. We did reach near Lavasa at 4:30 am and with some shines in the sky we started our photo sessions. 

The city is nothing less than a Bollywood city. Lavasa is modeled on the cotton-candy harbor of Italy’s Portofino, a four-hour drive from India’s financial capital of Mumbai and a two-hour drive from Pune. Colorful buildings surrounded by lush green hills, beautifully designed lavasa hotels and the iconic lake flowing in the middle of the city. We parked our bikes at parking and took the rental cycles. The aim was to cover every part of the city while enjoying every bit of it. Lavasa hill city is well-planned, modern architecture is blending perfectly with nature. You will be appreciating in every corner of the city. It’s an awesome place for a photogenic person. The peace, positivity, and the beauty of nature out there will take out every stress. However, empty and under constructed buildings might be uncomfortable for some too. We stayed there for around 2 hours and clicked numerous photos of Lavasa city. After, managing tons of memories we took our steps back from Lavasa to Pune and this time with Tea Point halts.

On the way, we witnessed the Temghar dam. O God, how could we miss this on our journey to Lavasa? Sitting on the Mutha River in Lavasa, Temghar Dam is one of those places to visit in Lavasa city that offers some of the most picturesque panoramas of the lush green nature. When paying a visit to this dam, do not forget to indulge in a cup of masala tea. 

This is an amazing place to visit if you are planning for a short trip. Around 6 to 7 hours is enough if you are starting from Pune, this includes the to and fro travelling time. The trip was a beautiful experience, part due to the beautiful city but mostly due to the journey. If you are planning to cut out of your daily life, then you can take a drive to LAVASA but don’t leave too early to miss the most scenic views of the journey.  

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