Nandi Hills – More Than A Road Trip For Bangaloreans

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For anyone who has ever visited Bangalore, Nandi Hills needs no introduction. For those who are planning to visit Bangalore, here is a brief introduction:

Nandi Hills is a small hill fort near Bangalore, Karnataka, which is 4849 ft above sea level. It is about 60 km (a 1-hour drive) from Bangalore. This place is famous for a picturesque view of sunrise amidst clouds. People like to visit Nandi Hills mainly to see the beauty of breathtaking sunrise over the clouds in the early morning hours. The place brings out the history of some of the great rulers of this region. It has several places to visit like Bhoga Nandeeshwara, a historical temple, Tipu’s Summer Palace, Horse way, Nehru Nilaya, etc.

Having said that, let’s get back to the story of our trip to Nandi Hills.
Amidst the chaos of exams, my friends and I planned to refresh ourselves. It was a compulsory exercise; we needed to de-stress to prepare for further papers. We decided on a trip to Nandi Hills, mainly because it was the closest destination. The trade-off between stress relief and time management seemed justified. But the question was, how to reach Nandi Hills?

We decide to go for a bike ride to catch the early sunrise. Early morning at 4 am we started our journey for a short ride, 50 km away from the busy heart of the city. It was an amazing ride with the early morning chill. The entire route was well paved and maintained till the top of Nandi Hills. It provides a welcome break from the heat of the city with its cool weather and sweeping views. For the more adventurous travellers, a well-defined trail leads from the base of the hill all the way up to the summit. The early morning hike that culminates in watching the sunrise from the top of Nandi Hills is one that trekking enthusiasts always love to talk about. We didn’t take a break anywhere as we wanted to reach the top of the mountain before the sun starts to show, to avoid traffic and also to get the best spot at the fort to enjoy the scene.  

Things went as we had planned. We reached the hilltop before the sun starts shining, got the best spot to see the sunrise. Nandi Hill Bangalore is heaven for Bangaloreans. The Milky white clouds of Nandi Hills make you lose yourself in its beauty. It was a treat for the eyes as we saw the sun turn from orange colour to bright yellow colour.

We stayed on the mountaintop for a couple of hours. We took a break from everything and enjoyed Maggi and tea to our liking. The bike ride to Nandi Hills was one of the best short trips while I was in Bangalore. I think that mandatory break from studies in the middle of exam days was worth it as we all got good marks.

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