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Like they say, “There is always the first time for everything”. I still remember the night of July’19 when I couldn’t sleep. We were in deep discussion about how to reach Vispur Fort? Next day was going to be a big day for me. That was the first time I was going for a trek. I was a bit apprehensive about how it will be; will I be able to make it or not. The excitement kept me awake, I was barely able to sleep. Early morning, we left for Visapur Trek from Pune railway station. Pune is known for its rain but that was a special day, it was raining like hell. We reached our first milestone at Malavali railway station in 40-45min by train. The starting point of Visapur fort trek is around 5-6 km from Malavali Railway Station. We had a plan to walk to trekking point but how come everything goes as you planned. It was raining heavily; we couldn’t use GPS. The streets were quiet empty so we couldn’t ask anyone to guide us. Luckily, we got a lift and reached the starting point of the trek.

Visapur Fort | Weekend Feels

Within minutes, we started trekking up the hill. There was no one on the way except for our group. It was a deep jungle, heavy rain, waterfalls and the pathway were not defined or maybe washed up due to heavy rain, it felt like we were lost. But hey, this is what we came for. We all were like let’s just keep going we will reach Visapur. Soon, we found a guy who was also going to Visapur fort. He had a shop at the top of the fort. He suggested us to keep going on we will be able to get to the fort. This was the backside of the fort, the path less taken. We have mistakenly come to the backside of the fort which is used mostly by locals. With little excitement and little frustration, we move ahead with the flow. At times we had to climb against the heavy waterfalls which were not possible without help. After lots of hustle, we finally reached the Visapur fort. We were all wet and the wind felt like it was cutting through our bones. 

Visapur Fort | Weekend Feels

The scenic view combined with our favourite Maggi and Tea. The moment was full of life that I feel like it is still in front of me. We stayed there for an hour. There were very dense fog and loads of snake holes, we were also got the glimpse of Lohagarh fort from there, an open scenic top of the till with chilling wind touching us was itself an experience. As the sun started to shine, the time was to get back. We had enough adventure for the day, so we decided to take the other path (or say the main path). This was full of trekkers. The path was defined with simple steps of rocks to climb on. It took us around another 40-45 min to come down the hill. We stopped at their for some time had smacks before heading back to Pune.

Visapur Fort | Weekend Feels

The trip was awesome as it was filled with fun, fear, thunder, and scenic views. I think those wrong trekking roads was the most amazing thing about Visapur fort trekking. The beauty/experience of Visapur fort trek and of that trip will always be captured in my eyes. 

If you are also planning for Visapu Trekking, then just have a look at the experiences of my friends with whom I share this memory:

“The best trekking experience of my life, climbing the hill against a waterfall is an imperishable memory.”

“Sitting on the fort top with the passing cool winds, a cheese face shivering in the monsoon rains., a cup of hot tea sip and a plate of Maggie enjoying the best of nature’s scenic beauty

definitely makes Visapur trek and trip a must try!!”

“If you are planning to do something crazy Visapur is your best bet. The whole trip was like a movie. There was chaos, adventure, fun and everything u can hope for in a good trip.”

Visapur Fort | Weekend Feels

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