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Imagine sitting near a warm fire on a cold night, gazing at the stars in the sky with your loved one! Magical right?

Have you been waiting to spend some quality time with your favorite people? If yes, Pawna lake camping is your go-to place! It is the most popular weekend getaway for Punekars and Mumbaikars. It has everything to give you an authentic camping experience. From staying in tents to trekking, from viewing the sunrise to jamming around bonfires, Pawna has it all; no wonder people call it Camper’s Nirvana!

Generally, people think camping is only for young, energetic people as it involves various sports like trekking. But, Pawna welcomes everyone, whether a child or golden ager; you will enjoy it a lot. Here you will get different camping experiences in various locations like lakeside and riverside. It is recommended to stay here for at least two days and one night to experience its beauty altogether. So, if you are considering Pawna lake camping on the weekend soon, just keep scrolling down!

The best Pawna Lake Camping is Weekend Feels, it is budget friendly and loved by travelers. Read below for the detailed comparison between different campsites in Pawna Lake.

PriceGoogle Maps ReviewsUnique ExperiencesCustomer Support
Weekend Feels – Lakeside₹9994.5 Stars (1107 Reviews)Live Music – ❌
Movie Screening – ❌
Raindance – ❌
On Call – ✅
On WhatsApp – ✅
Weekend Feels – Riverside₹11994.6 Stars (506 Reviews)Live Music – ✅
Movie Screening – ✅
Raindance – ✅
On Call – ✅
On WhatsApp – ✅₹950Does Not ExistLive Music – ❌
Movie Screening – ❌
Raindance – ❌
On Call – ❌
On WhatsApp – ❌₹11994.1 Stars (3005 Reviews)Live Music – ✅
Movie Screening – ❌
Raindance – ❌
On Call – ✅
On WhatsApp – ✅₹9994.2 Stars (497 Reviews)Live Music – ❌
Movie Screening – ❌
Raindance – ❌
On Call – ✅
On WhatsApp – ✅

Pawna Lake Camping By Weekend Feels

This campsite is located near the Pawna dam created on the Pawna River. The aerial hills surrounding the lake, its atmosphere, and its stunning views make it a perfect place for camping. To make the most of the lakeside camping package, it is better to reach there by afternoon as your check-in time is around 3 PM. After freshening up, you can go on a trek with your partner or friends to enjoy the fantastic views of the place. On coming back, we offer tents for staying based on your bookings. Pawna Lakeside camping is a perfect place to have a ‘Yeh Jawani Hai Deewani’ bonfire moment with your partner if you have been dreaming about it for a long time! Apart from that, we also have many indoor and outdoor games for you to have a gala time with your friends.

A special mention to all the Pet parents, you can bring your pet babies over here, yes! Yes! It is a pet-friendly zone. After all, they, too, need some break. Regarding food, we cook some delicious options for Veg, Nonveg, and Jain food lovers. Also, you can have fun-time munching in the late evening during the barbeque night! Not to mention our mouth-watering evening snacks and unlimited breakfast that are meant to impress you!

Remember to gaze at the stars by lying on the moist grass. Also, before you head home, don’t forget to take boating rides as you watch the sunrise. Because nature is giving, and you will feel peaceful inside and out. Wouldn’t you cherish it for a long time?

Check in & out time: 3 PM & 11 AM

Price: The charges depend on the tent type and the tourist’s age. We offer two types of tents. One is a camping tent starting from Rs 1000 for an adult (10+), whereas it is around Rs 500 to 600 for kids (5-10yrs). For triangular tents, we charge around Rs 1400-1500 for adults (10+) and Rs 800 to 1000  for kids.

Ideal For: Pawna Lakeside Camping is ideal for all budget travelers and people looking for a camping getaway. Also, if you wish to go on a romantic break with your partner, you can opt for triangular tents with dual-sharing.

Click here for Weekend Feels’ Official Website

Pawna Riverside Camping By Weekend Feels

We offer camping service near Pawna River, which is beautiful too. It is perfect for you and also your kiddos in this world where so many screens surround us, and we crave to be in nature for at least a day. Then go on, guys! Here’s everything you need to know about Pawna Riverside Camping.

We offer many options for indoor and outdoor games for you to have a great family time. The best part of the riverside camping package is the ‘Rain Dance.’ Isn’t that exciting? You and your kiddos can dance to the beats of “Chak Dhoom Dhoom Chak Dhoom Dhoom”! We also conduct many exciting shows, like joker shows, magic shows, live music only, etc. Wouldn’t you be excited to watch movies in open-air theatres? Imagine your kids watching Avengers under the sky.

We also ensure that your belly is happy on your weekend break. On the riverside, you will get to enjoy BBQ starters, unlimited breakfast, snacks, and of course, a tasty dinner.

All our campsites are pet-friendly and have free parking. So don’t worry about anything, just make your weekend bookings!

Check In & out: 3PM & 11AM

Price: The charges for riverside camping are a bit higher than for lakeside. An adult(10+) charges around Rs 1200 to 1300; for a kid (5-10 yrs), the price is around Rs 600 to 700.

Ideal For: Pawna Riverside Camping is best for families with kids because your kids will love the Raindance & joker shows! Also, if you wish to go camping with your gang, Weekend Feels’ Pawna Riverside camping is for you.

Click here for Weekend Feels’ Official Website

Pawna Lake Camping by

Camping near Pawna Lake is the ideal place to spend quality time with your family, nestled along the gleaming river. Pawna camps never stop surprising you, whether you want to relax along the river and admire the alluring beauty or yearn for a fun-filled family outing.

At the camping sites by Thrillophilia, you can have a wonderful time with your family, friends, or colleagues. Their key offerings are:

  • You will enjoy staying in tents on the shore of the lake. They will provide mattress pillows and bedsheets for your comfortable stay.
  • There is the availability of washrooms.
  • They have live DJ music where you and your loved ones can listen to your favorite songs.
  • You can go sightseeing too, including Lohagad Fort, Tikona Fort, Tung Fort, and Visapur Fort.
  • They will offer BBQ starters (limited) that you can enjoy along with the campfire.
  • In food, they have veg and non-veg options. But keep in mind, that it is served for a limited time.
  • After enjoying the beautiful sunrise the next day, you can have your delicious breakfast.
  • These campsites provide safe parking areas, charging points, and good connectivity.

Check In & Out: 4PM & 11 AM

Price: The charge for adults (10+) is around Rs 950, and for kids(5-10), they charge some but don’t specify it on their website.

Ideal For: Group of friends, colleagues, or families

It is to be noted that Thrillophilia offers one of the cheapest camping options, but there is no customer support available to answer your queries before or after booking.

Click here for Thrillophlia’s Official Website

Lake Camping by

This campsite is the oldest one and offers some exciting stuff. It is only 20 kilometers from Lonavala city center, 110 kilometers from Mumbai city, and 58 kilometers from Pune city. But for budget travelers, it’s a bit expensive. Along with regular camping activities like staying in tents, campfires, BBQ snacks, and unlimited breakfast and dinner, it also has adventure activities like trekking, helicopter riding, zipline, valley crossing, rappelling, paragliding, and kayaking. They have separate charges for all these activities, and you need to book it in advance with some token amount. They have two types of camping options: regular and deluxe tents. Facilities in both are almost the same except for some live music and extra BBQ snacks in deluxe tents. For deluxe tent staying, they have multiple options depending on with whom you are going there. They have separate campsites and cottages for families, couples, and friends. They charge as per the option you select.

Check-In & Out time: 4 PM and 11 AM

Price: As they have multiple options for you, the price changes according to your requirements. Here the pricing for regular camps ranges between Rs 1200-1500, and for deluxe camps, it will cost you around Rs 1400 to 2000. For special occasions like Valentine’s day or if you want to stay in cottages, the price is a little higher. It will cost you around Rs 2000 to 4000.

Ideal For: These campsites are ideal for small to medium families and for traveler groups.

Click here for Pawnacamps’ Official Website

Lake Camping by

The best part of these campsites is that they have been hosting camping at Pawna Lake since 2014. The tents are beautifully set up by their tour management team in a prime location where you can view the most spectacular sunrise and sunset. In addition to a lovely Pawna Lake camping experience, they have fun activities like sightseeing, horseback riding, fort trekking, paragliding, boating, and kayaking. Their professionals are in charge of overseeing each exercise to ensure everyone’s safety while having fun. Here, you can opt for either a regular or luxury stay. In a luxury stay, you will stay at the lakeside cottages with attached washrooms and a private balcony to enjoy the view. You have veg, non-veg, and Jain food options available here. It offers everything from the campfire, live music, unlimited dinner and breakfast, and many indoor and outdoor games.

Check In & Out: 4 PM & 11AM

Price: They have different camping packages for couples, families, and friends, so the price varies from  Rs1000 to 3000.

Ideal For: This campsite is ideal for couples and families

Click here for PawnaLakeCamps’ Official Website


You can decide which Pawna Lake Camping would you go for. If you still have any doubts, feel free to contact us at +91-9315818031.

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