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Pawna Lake, also known as Pavana Dam Reservoir and Pawna Lake, is an artificial lake in the Pune district.

Pawna Lake is increasingly getting popular as a picnic and camping site for visitors from both Pune and Mumbai. With over 50 different campsites to choose from, pawna lake is cherished as an exotic getaway for a friends’ birthday, a couples’ night out, or a family’s get-together. Post-monsoon is considered to be the perfect time to visit this beauty for night camping.

Pawna Lake Camping For Couples And Family

Pawna Lake has been preferred for couples and families alike. Campsites are not segregated according to the type of crowd it welcomes. However, unorganized campsite owners will say that the campsite is only for couples or only for families to make you feel comfortable booking. Bachelors, Couples & Families can be found at the same location.

The campsites are pretty safe. Though not all of them are safe. You need to be careful while booking your night camping vacation.

Here are some pictures from one of the campsites owned by Weekend Feels. You can see a family of 3 generations enjoying it here. There is something for everyone here.

New Year Eve At Pawna Lake

I booked my new year’s 31st-night plan with Weekend Feels. You can check out their all-inclusive pawna lake night camping package. You can book directly from their website. Unfortunately to my luck, the GPS on my phone was not working properly so we kinda got lost 2 km before the campsite. The staff was helpful enough to come with their bike and guide us through the way. The staff is hospitable and caters to all your needs.

The place was lit better than all the other campsites that I saw on the way. It was trippy feels all the way. The package was well worth the money.

Booking Details

You can book your adventure here.

How To Reach Pawna Lake Camping From Mumbai

Via Public Transport

Take an express train from Mumbai to Lonavla station. The frequency of trains is 45 minutes. You can find the train timetable from official Indian rail website.

After getting down at Lonavla station, you will find private cabs waiting outside. You can hire one of them for transport to the campsite. It is around 25km distance from the Lonavla station to the campsite.

The cab charges ₹1000 for one side ride and can accommodate up to 10 people and the cost is divided among passengers. However, if you don’t want to wait, your group can hire the whole cab for yourself. You can coordinate with the same cab driver to pick you up the next day at the same price.

Via Personal Vehicle

There are multiple routes to reach the campsite via your own vehicle.

Dudhiware khind route
Mumbai –> Lonavala (Kumar resort) –> Bhangarwadi –> Dudhiware khind –> Pawna lake
This route is not recommended as the road condition around Lonavla is not so good. It has a lot of potholes and there are no ghats but lots of twists and turns.

Kamshet route
Mumbai –> Lonavala (Old Mumbai-Pune Highway) –> Kamshet –> Pavananagar –> Pawna lake

The road condition is good on this route and suitable for a long drive.

Even though the dudhiware khind route is shorter, it takes more time to reach the campsite due to slow driving speed around those numerous puddles.

How To Reach Pawna Lake Camping From Pune

Via Public Transport

Take an express train from Pune to Kamshet station. The frequency of trains is 30 minutes.

After getting down at Kamshet station, you will find private cabs waiting outside. You can hire one of them for transport to the campsite. It is around 25km distance from the Kamshet station to the campsite.
The jeep will charge ₹2000 for a both side travel and ₹1200 for a one side travel. The cost can be split with other passengers as the jeep can accommodate upto 10 people.

Via Personal Vehicle

There is only one route from Pune to Pawna Lake camping. The road is good for for a long drive.
Pune –> Pimpri chinchwad –> Kamshet –> Pawnanagar –> Pawna lake

Or you can just follow Google Maps navigation that weekend feels helps you with.

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