Camping Vs. Glamping in Pawna- What to choose?

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Are you a traveler who has been to campsites quite a few times? Have you recently encountered the term glamping and wanted to explore it more? Have you been wondering what the difference is between the two? If yes, this blog will take you on a tour to make you understand the difference and everything you should know about it!


It usually involves overnight tent stays at a scenic location. Popular among youngsters, camping involves fun activities like music, barbeque nights, etc. Most trekkers and adventurers camp overnight on mountains or alongside water bodies for the beauty and adventure they offer.


While camping has been in trend for over a decade, glamping is comparatively new. Simply put, Glamping is a concept derived from the words glamour and camping. It is a luxurious camping experience that is similar to that of hotel room stays. Unlike typical camping stays, it involves top-notch amenities, like bathrooms, charging points, wifi, TV, etc. Ideally, glamping has a more comfortable stay experience as compared to camping. It is also safer and more robust for different climate changes.

Pawna Lake: A Perfect Camping And Glamping Destination

Pawna Lake is one of the most popular tourist destinations near Pune. It is famous not only for sightseeing but also for its wonderful camping experience. In between lush greenery, roaring winds, and scenic views, camping at Pawna Lake is a complete experience. Camping at Pawna Lake includes tent stays, dinner, snacks, barbeque, musical night, adventure activities, and a campfire.

To make your experience a lot more comforting, memorable, and worthy, Pawna Lake also offers you the glamping opportunity.  How much more fun would it be to enjoy nature and adventure while having every possible amenity at your fingertips? Pawna Lake Glamping is geared up to offer you a perfect experience with cozy stays, comfy beds, and the wonderful vibe that you have been craving!

Camping At Pawna Lake

Pawna Lake is a location filled with enormous natural beauty. Cool and calm water body amidst greenery, and not to forget the fragrant air that lights up the whole mood. If you have hustled enough for a relaxing break, Pawna Lake camping is just for you! Only 60 km away from Pune city, a refreshing holiday awaits you!

Camping at Pawna Lake includes exciting activities like a lakeside stay, unlimited food, live music, a campfire, barbeque, and other adventure activities. Following tent camping options are available for camping at Pawna Lake:

  • Couple tents
  • Family tents
  • Group tents
  • Solo tents.

These tent options usually come in two options-regular and deluxe. There are only minor differences between the two, and you can expect a fairly good experience therein.

Pros And Cons Of Camping

Before you go ahead and book your camp stays, here are both sides of the coin that you should consider:

A treat to nature loversLess comfortable
A perfect weekend getawayLess safe
A close-to-nature lifestyle experienceCan be crowded
A treat for nature loversIt cannot be experienced in rainy seasons.
Opportunity to sleep gazing at nature and skiesDisturbed sleep and poor sleeping arrangements
Very affordableAverage quality of food

Glamping At Pawna Lake

Camping is fun. It sure is. But how about fun coupled with comfort and luxury? Sounds interesting, right? That’s what glamping does for you! Glamping is for you if you enjoy the rawness of campsites but prefer a bit more comfort than the usual tent camping!

Glamping at Pawna Lake includes everything that a camping experience would include. From lake views and campfires to music night, it has got everything. Glamping in Pawna Lake is available in the following options:

  • Two-sharing
  • Three-sharing
  • Four-sharing.

All glamping options are available in regular and premium categories for you to choose from. Check out premium cottages at Pawna Riverside. The campsite offers live guitar music, a movie screening and a Joker performance show.

Pros and Cons Of Glamping

It is always a good idea to know things in and out before you go on to explore something new. And here are the positives and negatives of glamping that you must consider:

Suitable for all seasonsCan be very expensive
A comfortable weekend getawayMissing out on the wild experience
A luxury stay experienceLess outdoor fun
Luxury amenities, lavish features, less crowdDependency on entertainment devices
A perfect option for romantic staysCan turn out alone and boring
Better qualityCan turn not very cost-effective

Camping Vs. Glamping

Having known the pros and cons of both, it’s time you were able to choose the perfect stay option for yourself. And here’s a ready comparison of camping and glamping on various factors. It will only make your getaway choice simpler and quicker!

ComfortLess comfortableVery comfortable
SafetyLess safeVery Safe
Climate changesDo not support bad climate conditionsCan support any climate conditions
AmenitiesBasic tent, food, sleeping bags, etc.Private bathrooms, comfortable beds, quality food, internet, etc.
PricingStarts from INR 1500/- up to INR 2500/- per person.Starting from INR 3000/- up to INR 6000/- per person, depending on the stay category.

What Should You Choose – Camping Or Glamping

If you are a traveler who loves the wildness rather than sheer comfort, if you are someone who loves going back to the roots, camping is so much for you! However, if you are someone who loves the beauty of camping but prefers the luxuries of a comfortable stay, glamping is what you should choose.

Typically, travelers, trekkers, and adventure enthusiasts prefer deluxe camp stays over glamping. But, if you are an explorer wanting a short weekend break, choosing luxury glamping can make your experience more than perfect. You can always choose a lakeside view glamping package and have a perfect holiday with your loved ones!

So, what’s on your mind for your next outdoor stay weekend?

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