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Alwar, the city of handicrafts, arts, and jewellery is also known for its historical significance and architecture. Majorly popular for its magnificent marble pavilions based on lotus-shaping foundations, Alwar is more than amazing! From palaces to shopping markets to museums to tiger reserves, Alwar has it all for you. And you simply cannot miss out on even one. So, if you are planning Alwar on your Rajasthan tour, here’s a complete list of the best resorts in Alwar

Ram Bihari Palace

Hotel Class and Ratings: 3 Star; 4.3/5 Google Reviews

This palace, originally owned by Rajput kings, was just walls standing together with no roof whatsoever when first discovered by its visionary hotelier Mr Ram Kaushik. The heritage haveli has since been beautifully restored overlooking the beautiful Siliserh Lake and is nestled in the Aravali Hills close to the tiger habitat. As it is conveniently situated in the Golden Triangle of Delhi, Agra, and Jaipur, it always makes up for a good stop on the itinerary. Run by a hospitality professional it offers great services, while the rest is up to you. This is perfect for a romantic getaway and even for a family trip where the kids can have fun too. The resort’s amenities include:

  • Swimming pool,
  • Airport transfer,
  • Coffee shop,
  • Bonfire,
  • Gardens etc

The palace offers the quintessential Rajasthani countryside setting for a romantic wedding, family events, etc.

Address: Kishanpur Siliserh, Kishanpur, Rajasthan 301001, India

Contact for Booking and Enquiry: +918000344848

Booking Cost: Temperature-controlled rooms inspired by Rajput and Mughal styles and designed on the principles of Vastu, showcasing local artisan excellence are available for the guests to enjoy at a starting price of 15000 INR per night.

Click here for Ram Bihari Palace Official Website

Alwar Bagh By Aamod

Hotel Class and Ratings: 3 Star; 4.0/5 Google Reviews

Alwarbagh is a beautiful resort located on the Alwar-Jaipur road, nestled between the Sariska Tiger Reserve and Alwar City. It is easily accessible to tourists and residents of cities like Jaipur, making it an ideal getaway destination. The resort boasts of its heritage charm, claiming to be the best resort in Sariska. What more could you want on your vacation than to wake up to the sound of birds chirping, while enjoying a steaming cup of tea with a refreshing breeze? You can choose to dine on their vast lawns and enjoy the delicious food served by their multi-cuisine restaurant. The resort offers a wide range of outdoor and indoor sports, making it a great destination for corporate events too. The resort has special amenities like :

  • Swimming pool
  • Yoga asanas and Breathwork sessions,
  • Ayurvedic wholesome meals,
  • Guided Yoga Nidra
  • Equipped with 8″ robotic GOTO telescope

Tourists and families can have a great time at the resort by going on excursions to the Tiger Sanctuary, observing the night sky, visiting historical places of interest, and enjoying each other’s company.

Address: Village Dhawla, Alwar – Jaipur Road, Alwar, Rajasthan 301001, India

Contact for Booking and Enquiry: +919213022542

Booking Cost: Guests can rent a double bedroom for a starting price of 4000 INR  per night on weekdays and the price would wary for weekends and holidays. Check for the price variation according to season and availability.

Click here for Alwar Bagh By Aamod Official Website

Pearl Hotel And Spa

Hotel Class and Ratings: 3 Star; 3.7/5 Google Reviews

A small quaint hotel located in the heart of the city offers a great place for tourists to relax and rejuvenate. Though it does not boast extraordinary views or luxurious amenities, it is popular for its hospitality and affordability among its customers. With spacious rooms and private balconies, guests are assured to enjoy a quiet evening with their loved ones. Additionally, guests can indulge in delicious food from the hotel’s multi-cuisine restaurant.

Amenities include :

  • Hot tubs,
  • Spa
  • Multi-cuisine restaurants etc.

Address: C-82, Hasan Khan Mewati Nagar, Alwar, Rajasthan 301001, India

Contact for Booking and Enquiry:+917230082382

Booking Cost: Guests can enjoy a stay at a basic price of 1,012 INR per night. The prices may vary as per season and availability of rooms.

Click here for Pearl Hotel & Spa Official Website

Rithumbara Hotel & Resorts

Hotel Class and Ratings: 3 Star; 4.0/5 Google Reviews

Situated away from the hustle and bustle of the city, yet at a convenient distance from shopping centres, tourist spots, and hospitals, Rithumbara checks all the boxes. They claim to know the importance of reconnecting with nature and thus provide a peaceful stay with mountain views and lush gardens. The pictures also show that this would make a great place to get an Instagram-worthy destination wedding The bride and groom are sure to get great pictures and the guests are sure to have a great time enjoying the hospitality and delicious food. The resort offers special amenities like:

  • Swimming pool
  • Catering services
  • Concierge services

Don’t forget to have a nice cup of coffee with your loved ones in the resort room’s private balcony.

Address: Sariska Road, Alwar, Barh Kesharpur, Rajasthan 301001, India

Contact for Booking and Enquiry: +919829523881

Booking Cost: A minimum price of 3,248 INR per night needs to be paid to enjoy staying at the hotel in a deluxe room. The prices may vary as per season and time of booking availability.

Click here for Rithumbara Hotel And Resorts Official Website

Cygnett Lite

Hotel Class and Ratings: 3 Star; 4.0/5 Google Reviews

Cygnett Hotels strives to give you a Home experience where you can stay, work and enjoy.

They are popular in the midscale hospitality segment. Their brand values customer satisfaction and they have left no stone unturned with quality hotels at great locations, safety, consistent service good food, etc. Alwar has something for everyone, right from beautiful palaces to hunting chalets and calm lakes. Choose how you want to spend your vacation

from the comfort of your house like staying at the Cygnette Hotel.

Amenities provided at the resort are as follows :

  • Dry cleaning services
  • Doctor on call
  • Wake up call
  • Smoking rooms
  • Ticket / Tour assistance
  • Lawn

With the help of the resort’s specialized paid shuttle service, you can get easy access to the city’s attractions.

Address: Near Samola Circle, Alwar- rajgarh bypass 200 feet road, Roopbas, Alwar, Rajasthan 301001, India

Contact for Booking and Enquiry: +918595450450

Booking Cost: Discounts are available on advance booking of 7 days.  You could get a free night stay and other deals on-site. The prices start at 2,508 INR per night.

Click here for Cygnett Lite Official Website

Hill Fort – Kesroli, Alwar

Hotel Class and Ratings: 4 Star; 4.3/5 Google Reviews

This is not a film set, but it looks like it could be straight out of a Bhansali movie. Built in the 14th century, this is a historical gem situated atop the rare, dark Hornstone Breccia rocks. Like any other high-end resort, this is located away from the city, but when you can stay at a fort and enjoy a regal experience, why wouldn’t you? Its location facilitates a 360-degree view of hills, fields, and camels from where the guns once fired on the enemies. From sun-kissed terraces to lush green courtyards, every nook and corner of this hill-fort is a beautiful setting to enjoy special moments with your loved ones. As this checks all the boxes for destination weddings, it has been a great venue for many such events. Places like tiger reserves and tourist spots are easily accessible to guests. The customer’s feedback sums up the experience as quaint and mesmerizing and there is no better way of saying that this would be an excellent destination for anyone looking to have a great time. Amenities provided at the resort are as follows:

  • Swimming Pool
  • Sun deck
  • Billiards table
  • TV lounge
  • Spa
  • Pet friendly
  • Fitness centre

The guests are entertained at the resorts with weekend Rajasthani folk dance performances, evening high tea, and indoor and outdoor activities for kids and adults.

Address: Near M.I.A Post Office-Bahala, Kesroli, Rajasthan 301030, India

Contact for Booking and Enquiry: +919587885005

Booking Cost: Guests can enjoy a stay and breakfast at a starting price of 4,800 INR per night per person. Please check the site for offers and prices after adding taxes.

Click here for Hill Fort Official Website

The Dadhikar Fort Hotel

Hotel Class and Ratings: 4 Star; 4.3/5 Google Reviews

At least 1100-year-old Dadhikar Fort offers a stay at a built-in luxury Hotel. Experience a luxurious stay and behold the majestic bygone history. The hotel takes pride in the thrilling jungle Safaris it organizes to Sariska Tiger Reserve and Bala Quila Eco-tourism Zone. They also offer guided tours and heritage walks to Dadhikar’s ancient cave paintings, to discover the secrets of The Dadhikar Fort, and enjoy the view of the beautiful countryside. Guests get to enjoy bonfires, folk dances, mountain trekking, outdoor and indoor games, etc at the hotel. The highlights of the fort include Vijay Mandir, Siliserh Lake, and Abhaneri.

The resort amenities include the following:

  • Airport transportation,
  • Adapted for people with reduced mobility
  • Minibar
  • Spa
  • Wellness centre and massage room
  • Tennis court


Though every other resort promises tranquility and experience of nature, here you enjoy the melodies of peacocks and nightingales coming from the mountainous forest from dusk to dawn.

Address: Dadhikar, Rajasthan 301001, India

Contact for Booking and Enquiry: +919950449900

Booking Cost: Colossal-sized rooms can be booked at a starting price of 6,175 INR per night. Offers up to 40% are available on the site, so book on the Hotel´s site to get the best deals.

Click here for Dadhikar Fort Official Website

Vanaashrya Resort & Spa

Hotel Class and Ratings: 5 Star; 4.4/5 Google Reviews

Though far away from the city, this is the only 5-star hotel in the area. It offers a pristine atmosphere to relax amid the jungle. True to its name, one can enjoy nature at its best at the resort. The resort provides yoga sessions, cooking demos, jungle safaris, guided village walks, etc for the residents at the hotel.  Excursions to the tiger reserve, visits to the Neelkanth temple, camel cart rides to the nearby villages, and trips to the infamous haunted fort are some of the things to be enjoyed outside the resort.  Families and tourists are sure to enjoy their stay and feel rejuvenated by the end of their stay.

The resort amenities include the following:

  • Swimming pool
  • Spa
  • Gazebo
  • Bar
  • Gym
  • Games room

Entertainment at the resort is promised with bonfires and musical nights by the local Bhil tribe.

Address: Tehla Bye-Pass Road, Rajgarh, State Highway 25A, Talab, Rajasthan 301410, India

Contact for Booking and Enquiry: +919521524169

Booking Cost: Luxury cottages can be booked at a minimum price of 13,000 INR per night. Please choose the dates flexible option to get the best available deals and plan your stay accordingly.

Click here for Vanaashrya Resort & Spa Official Website


Having said that, Alwar is a great place to visit during your Rajasthan tour. It surely will welcome you with open arms and wave you goodbye with a smile! So, what are you waiting for? Go ahead and book your resort stay in Alwar right away and be rest assured during your Rajasthan tour!

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